Ecstatic Dance EvolutionTM

…is part of a global emergence of communities promoting free-form sacred and conscious transformational dance events to cultivate authenticity, vitality, inspiration, passion, freedom, and outrageous joy!

Our unique events were developed by Houston native Sydney Samadhi Strahan and her facilitators over the years since 2003.  The space invites people from all walks of life to a consistent place to be free in mind-body-spirit and express themselves through movement with an accepting creative community. Ecstatic Dance Evolution’s magic is in the structure, music, intention, and creativity of the facilitators combined with the individuality of everyone who comes to share the experience.

All events are created as sacred space and welcome people of All ages and experience levels, are alcohol/drug-free, chatter-free, critique-free, and shoe-free! Together we create a sacred, safe, and inclusive space for all. To read more about EDE click here.

Who We Are

We are a community of people who enjoy evolving through free-form movement and self expression. All types of people come to our events, from students to artists to executives. Some attendees are experienced dancers, and many show up who have never danced before. Children are often present, as well as elders. We are people from all walks of life who desire a rich, deep, authentic, and connected experience of living.
Our Community: Children of All Ages, Movers, Shakers, Quakers, Teachers, Learners, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Burners, Ex’s, Grand Pa’s, Grand Ma’s, Yogi’s, Quantum Physicists, Metaphysicians, Micro-Biologists, Psychologists, Aerospace Engineers, Light Workers, Love Activists, Dancing Taoists, Intenders of the Highest Good, Healers, African Drummers, Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Bikers, Skaters, Students, Professors, Nia Dancers, Ballerinas, Belly and Barefoot Ballroom Dancers, Modern Dancers, Post Modern Dancers, Contemporary and Contact Improv Dancers, Rhythm Tap Dancers, Funk – Hip Hop – African – Authentic Dancers, Sweat Your Prayers and Sacred Dancers, New Warriors, Fire-Walkers, Women With-in, GoGo-Goddess’es, Respected Elders, Priests, Priestesses, Rabbi’s, Rainbows, Authentic Relaters, Reiki Practitioners, Oneness Givers, Gardners, Actors, Songwriters, Singers, Social Workers, Native American Shaman, Holotropic Breath Workers, Hypno-therapists, Hipsters, Holistic Health Practitioners, Counselors, Co-opers, Commuters, Computer Analysts, Jungian Analysts, Conscious Ravers and DreamDancers, Source Painters, Sales Managers, Videographers, TV Producers, Airline Pilots, Tyco Drummers, Marshall Artists, Massage Therapists, Urban Farmers, Organic & Raw Food Activists, Acrobatic Yogi’s, Accountants, Bee Keepers, Musicians, Writers, Visionaries, Secretaries, Entrepreneurs, Agents of Real-Estate, World Travelers, Silk Fabric and Circus Performers, Nurses, Geologists, Geophysicists, Graphic Designers, DJ’s, Fire Spinners, Face Painters, Stilt Walkers, Chefs, Translators, Masters of Ceremonies, Poets, Peace Advocates, Lawyers, Benevolent Beings, and YOU!
Join us and tell us who you are!

Why We Dance

Dance explorers each have their own reasons why they enjoy participating. Some dance to release inhibitions in a natural healthy way, some dance to release stress and tension in the body, some dance to express themselves freely without being judged or criticized, some dance to heal and overcome challenging situations by gaining new perspectives, some dance to allow love to flow more freely, some dance to connect with others in a safe environment, some dance to explore the language of the body, some dance as a vehicle for trance induced states or to crack the matrix, some dance to set themselves free of restrictions and activate their inner child, some dance to celebrate and regain joy, some dance as a meditation to experience deep authentic parts of themselves, and some simply dance to exercise with a creative wonderful group of people.

Our events are created as unifying platforms to bring together the feeling of sacred ritual into a modern-day setting. Our Dances feel like a global tribe of conscious community with a healing master mind of seeing the best in each other and appreciation for each adding their uniqueness to the group.

The element that unifies such a diverse group of people from all walks of life here at our events is the element of intentional sacred space that invites acceptance of all people and all movement with an attitude of inclusive respect. This element gives permission for each of us to practice exploring who we are creatively through physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual freedom. What we find through this movement exploration is an outcome of abundant self-love and great appreciation for our co-empowering journeys and our shared humanity.

Samadhi- Founder

SunShine Samadhi returned home to Houston in 2002 awakened and inspired by the Ecstatic Dance of Austin Body Choir, determined create a similar free-form dance community and new family to call home. Her first dance in November 2003 had over 60 attendees and changed the face of Houston. Over the past 10 years she has continued refining the systems around her Dance offerings – experimenting with various formats and special events that to this day explore a wide variety of conscious movement and connective community experiences.

Samadhi is a graduate of Texas Christian University and a life-long learner in creativity, spirituality, and expressive healing arts. She has danced, performed and facilitated dance for over 25 years as a dynamic art experiential-ist whose evolutionary vision is best expressed through ancient modalities of free-form movement as a catalyst for self-discovery and community connection.

Since 2003 she’s been creating, hosting and facilitating elevated experiences for her Ecstatic Dance Houston communities; DanceEvolution Weekly Community Ecstatic Dance’03-’14, Barefoot Ballroom, Conscious R.A.V.E. ’12, DEFT Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training ’09-’14, EarthDance- Houston’s Annual Global Dance for Peace ’05-’13, Journey Dance Houston, Give Peace a Dance, New Years Day Burning Bowl ~ Wishing Well Ceremonies ’07-’14, The 9 Energetic Functions (For Ecstatic Practice), What the Bleep is Ecstatic Dance, The P.E.P. Shop (Principals of Ecstatic Practice), Sacred Sound Sacred Body, DancePortation, and BlackLights & BodyPaint for the general public as well as for Meditation Groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, Crazywood Dance Spa, The Texas Yoga Conference, The Oneness Community, and Unity Church. She produced Ecstatic Dance for Peace radio shows- KPFT ’05-’07, was the Featured Ecstatic Dance Artist for a Fox News segment, as well as co-creator of Sacred Dance church services for Creative Life Center, Center For Spiritual Living, Unitarian NW and the Mary Magdalene Community at Rothko Chapel.

EDE was featured in a Platinum Award Winning film called House Of Dreams  ’07, performed in a PBS Special on The Artery  ’09, and was featured in a show & tell performance with Discover Dance at Discovery Green ’14. EDE will be a featured company in the Dance The Dream Houston MLK 50 Celebration at Discovery Green, facilitator at the Archaic Revival Transformational Festival, and will be featured in a 2014 TV series for the Travel Channel called SOUL SEARCH. Samadhi’s current adventures include the creation of EDEN (Ecstatic Dance Evolution Network) and WWEE a World-Wide Ecstatic-Evolution Global Dance Community ~ Stay Tuned!

Samadhi moves upscale as a practitioner of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Bob Steven’s Conscious Language, Yoga, Meditation, Heart Songs and Kirtan. Her past studies include; The Four Dragons Institute of Dao graduate ’15, Toni Bergins JourneyDance ’10, Vin Marti’s Movement Leadership Training & Soul Motion ’06, Dunya’s Dance Meditation ’03-’06, Oskar Maderas’s Body Choir & Liquid Sol Ecstatic Dance Facilitation ’04-’09, NIA White Belt ’05, Sonya Sophia’s Goddess Awakening ’05-’07 and EFT Teacher Trainings ’07-’13, Rainbow Gatherings ’05-’12, Gabrielle Roth’s Sweat Your Prayers and 5 Rhythms ’04, and continues to participate in the global proliferation of ecstatic evolution through the art of human nature in movement!

Spiritual names act as portals… to imbue and bestow supreme qualities or aspirations that transcend the Maya of our conditioning. When called by a mystical moniker, its essence activates a remembrance and the name becomes a mantra that ignites our passion, purpose and practice towards our perfection.

From the article by Samadhi:

Dancing Crane in Still Water

“Creating Platforms for Expansion, Connection and Oneness thru Movement, Music, and Community is my Purpose. Activating the Body thru Dance, Art, and Creativity is my Passion. Expanding Unity is my Goal.”



Ecstatic Dance Evolution Facilitators are the key power and presences of our Dances. They design and prepare each event to provide a consistent quality experience with each offering. Our Facilitators become skilled professional guides trained through our Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training processes to learn not only how to design and produce events,  but also learn quality leadership skills, energetic practices, and team-building.

Meet the crew!

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