The 9 Energetic Functions for Ecstatic Dance Practice

…aka The Alchemy of Ecstatic Dance Magic
by Ma Samadhi Love in collaboration with Rabbi Sheffa Gold

What is an Energetic Function?
Based on the principal Energy Follows Attention, the functions are
intentional actions used to create elevated experiences and higher states of consciousness and connection to serve the highest good of the event/dance – on physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels. And, it’s really FUN!

At any given moment in the dance, there may arise an apparent need; increased
energy, grounding, containment, clearing, inspiration, nurturing etc. Facilitators
can activate and serve a function to meet these needs. Determining when specific
needs are present requires a developed sensitivity and awareness.

Activating a function – means that you feel it so much that you embody it or
become it. This creates a distinctive tangible change in the room and group
mood or energy. This is accomplished by using techniques that lead to
embodying the underlying principle of the function, which makes it real. Effective
techniques are visualization, imagination, focus, attention, awareness, states of
mind, states of being, surrendering or directing one’s energy, attitudes, acting, and
archetypes are useful methods to meet the needs of the group.






(Meets Need via Facilitator)



Actions that Embody a Principal
(Fulfills function and meets the need)



Universal Truth via Interactions

(Recognizable through Relationship of Forms)


Archetypes are ideas of a personality type, role, or genre of human instincts, behaviors, or qualities that live deep within our psyche and the collective consciousness. They are a point to reference in bringing the functions to life. They naturally organize themselves differently in relation to others; bring out different qualities in the relating.

For Example a Father Archetype may treat a Mother archetype differently than a Child
Archetype. Using the archetypes in the dance may provide a fun avenue or game-like
quality in developing a relationship to each function. When testing these out, go for it,
keep opening up to their qualities and new expansive experiences may arise.
Activating the Archetypes and Functions is like Sliding into an experience. At first, it may feel like
putting on a layer of clothes. They are not really a part of you and may feel comfortable or
uncomfortable. Later it may feel like putting on a costume where you can more deeply embody
the character traits. Later it may feel like living the life of the character in the costume, and
being in tune with their traits. Later it may feel like you are the Function or character with total
immersion and truth without separation. Adding new Archetypal Functions into our lives can
serve others, and ourselves, even outside the dance.

To Begin: Choose one function per dance for practice.
Upon entering the space, energetically devote to one function for the highest good of the
dance- in a subtle fashion. Take the first song or two and consciously connect with your
Function and then ask it to stay present for the remainder of the dance, and then fall into your
own dance. Later on, with practice, you will be able to activate all of the functions as needed throughout the dance.

When your Function comes to mind or is needed during the dance – acknowledge it, work or
experiment with it. Activate the Function for the entire space even if focused on a particular
individual. The more conscious of it you are, the more energy it will radiate. At the end of the
dance, acknowledge it and give your gratitude. Take note of how it felt and your perception of
how it moved the group and energy of the space.



Each function can be highly individualized with no particular right or wrong way to
activate, as long as it becomes Real for you to BE IT towards the highest good.
Practice embodying the experiences to set a template for others to have the


1. THE GUIDE: (Archetype: Guide, Leader) Oversee all Functions
FOCUS: The Facilitator, overseer, planner
Holds Awareness on higher purpose of the group, builds the structure and plan, nurtures the
potential of the whole and each of the parts and activates or embodies what is needed.
FEEL: Aware, Confident, Powerful, Calm, Gentle
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: (say it to feel it) Helps Create our States – Mind Directs Energy
Chi. I am capable, I support my people, This is effective, We are ecstatic – healed – energized –
beautiful etc.


2. THE FOUNDATION: (Archetype: Masculine, Father, Grandfather) Stability
FOCUS: Grounding to support the stability of the group.
HOLD AWARENESS: under the group – laying consciousness beneath what is happening.
FEEL: solid, grounded, strong, secure, stable, firm, comfortable, connected with earth.
Imagine a huge mound of hematite underneath the space – solid.
PHYSIOLOGY: Become a strong tree, sense roots down into the ground from your body
growing and winding around rocks and earth accessing the water tables & strong branches out
to community.
Take On FATHER who embodies safety, security and foundation for the family to feel safe
and thrive.
Be a sandman moving through sand, become a candle melting into the earth.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am strong, stable, solid, grounded, safe. I support my people.
I am Father.


3. THE CONTAINER: (Archetype: Feminine, Mother, Grandmother) Nurture
FOCUS: To energetically care for and nurture the group.
HOLD AWARENESS of loving everyone in the entire group at the same time – big picture.
FEEL: Soft, sacred, gentle, loving, nurturing, knowingness of a mother or angel.
PHYSIOLOGY: Become an Angel with wings wrapped around the group – offering nurturing
soft protective energy. Be a Mother who feeds her children with her Divine love and
protection, Delighted awareness of her children playing.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am love. I am Mother. I love and nurture my people.


4. THE SACRED HEART: (Archetype: Mentor) Devoted
FOCUS: To be a Sacred Template, to Surrender to my own Depths – on behalf of the group.
Completely and profoundly immersed and devoted, being present & moved – inspires others
and gives permission to fall into a deep experience of being utterly involved in their experience.
HOLD AWARENESS: DEEP Experience. Immersed in immediate surroundings.
FEEL: Safe, Connected, Devoted, Sacred, Timeless.
PHYSIOLOGY: In The Flow. I Am the Expression of the Music.


5. THE OBSERVER: (Archetype: Witness, Seer, Warrior – Native American)
Space Holder
FOCUS: To see everything, acknowledge changes without preference.
HOLD AWARENESS: on changes and shifts of energy & energetically acknowledges without
judgment of any kind, no right wrong good bad. Noticing changes allows them a life of their
own as well as creates space for the next change to occur.
FEEL: neutral, calm observation, slight detachment.
PHYSIOLOGY: Notice when energy is rising and energetically acknowledge it. Notice when
energy is stale and acknowledge it. When a rare and less than admirable quality, energy, or
disruption emerges and is noticed or seen with a calm awareness and acceptance- it will likely
dissipate or drop on its own.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am… I see everything. I am aware. I see my people.


6. THE EMPOWERER: (Archetype: Wizard, Magician, Alchemist)
Energize, Transform
FOCUS: To build up group energy, feeding and fanning the flames like a fire keeper.
HOLD AWARENESS: on actively engaging others and the groups – to transform.
FEEL: Purposeful, Powerful, Useful, And Magical.
Imagine or sense inviting or bringing down a sun with rays of cosmic energies to the center of
the group or room so that everyone has access to it if they choose. Use your body as a
template – scream or pull out negativity and put it into the earth-floor or direct and transmute it.
PHYSIOLOGY: Be an Alchemist transforming the space – using magical energizing substance
pulling down light.
Be a Shaman – Build a metaphorical fire and transmute or alchemize negative un-serving energy.
Be a Wizard – Merlin with a magic wand waving and conducting the symphony of life’s evolution.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am powerful, I empower my people.


7. THE EXALTER: (Archetype: Child, Artist) Express Uplift
FOCUS: To Amplify group energy and exuberance by lifting it up when it appears – by joining it.
HOLD AWARENESS: Notice when energy is rising & amplify it!
FEEL: playful, exuberant, inclusive, curious!
PHYSIOLOGY: Amplify sparks of the Divine- build the energy of excitement and exuberance,
by seeing it when it arises and celebrating it by joining in – create Group Contagion – through
joyful presence, claps, sounds, howls, creativity, movements… etc.
Be the Divine Child – exploring the newness of everything.
Be the Artist creating a magical work of art with the space, people and sounds.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am Fun & Playful, I uplift my people.


8. THE BRIDGE: (Archetype: Visionary) Envision Connection Awakening
FOCUS: To bridges states of consciousness present to higher states for the benefit of human
HOLD AWARENESS: Expanding big picture, invite, visualize mind-blowing – new profound
levels of experience.
Imagine possibilities beyond the scope of one’s current experiences, hold awareness of the
group purpose connected to other groups around the world for the good of humanity or
healing or planetary awakening.
Envision a Bridge or Grid and connect with other dances around the planet and intend we are
doing useful sacred healing work for planetary awakening & evolution.
FEEL: Purposeful, Magic, Contribution – ‘what I do for me, I am doing for others’.
PHYSIOLOGY: I embody a healing dance for all women- for all men etc.. by doing movement
surgery on myself- floss the chakras, or expand my shining energy making way for others to do
so. I open the space for freedom to appear. I stomp feet tapping on Mother Earth & her
acupressure points for our Healing.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I am healed and dancing, my people are healed and dancing. Infinite
Mercy. Compassion.


9. THE ATTENDANT: (Archetype: Saint, Healer) Love, Care
FOCUS: To create sacred safe space to serve & include others in your experience, encourage
others, share a dance or invite to join a group.
HOLD AWARENESS: See each one as a Perfect Divine Child of the all-pervading energy of
existence, an integral part of the whole.
FEEL: Care, Calm, Sacred, Gentle, Relaxed, Perceptive, Unconditional Love
PHYSIOLOGY: Gives attention to those who are new, or haven’t come in a while, or those
dancing alone. EX’s. Reach out with a sensitivity and confidence offering – Be Mother Teresa
kindly and selflessly giving love and attention where needed. Make a point to gently touch every
person in the group during closing songs.
LANGUAGE/MANTRA: I count, I make a difference, I care, my people are loved and healed.


<3 With love, Samadhi ~