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Ecstatic Dance Evolution Is an open invitation to all who wish to live in the moment, expand their hearts and minds, as well as discover the freedom to connect with ourselves and with others. Join in and co-create a safe, loving, substance-free space where all ages, body types, and physical abilities are invited and encouraged to explore and play. With improvised, freeform movement, release judgement of self and others, and dance barefoot like a kid again… silly, free, joy-filled, and with love!


An invitation to free spirits and homebodies alike… movers, groovers and wallflowers… people who want to expand their hearts and minds… we are here for you. Come sweat with us.


Great people, a cool vibe, and a place to be you! Dancing with community invites us to experience freedom, find our similarities, and feel at home… without words, instruction, steps, or even shoes!


Ecstatic Dance Evolution is a friendly and welcoming community where I feel free to experiment with moving my body in new and creative ways. It’s a relaxed and welcoming space that lets me get out of analytical thinking for a while. It also feels therapeutic–if laughter and joy can heal, this is a place to find them.


Through out the dance, I would look around and it just felt like the whole room was dancing together.


This is my church! Free to be me ~ Freedom, Trust, Fun!


Taking a moment from the spin and sway of the dance, I gaze at people twirling and whirling, their eyes half-opened, gauzy, some with etheric smiles. In this moment, the differences in age melt away, the color of skin blends into an undulating sea of rhythm, movement, and communion.


Samadhi’s Ecstatic Dance Evolution in Houston parallels to none other! I have participated in many dance groups throughout the US and other countries for the past 14 years and by far Samadhi’s Ecstatic Dance Evolution is exceptional in its ability to create a safe loving environment which facilitates healing and elicits joy. Samadhi is an enthusiastic and spiritually aware person and she brings that energy into the dance. The dance opens up visions/experiences of a mystical or spiritual nature. She is a powerful force, she has built a community of loving supportive people, helping and supporting each other where there is need.

Ann Adam

PhD, LCDC, CPS & Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Because I travel for work, I’ve had the privilege of attending ecstatic dances and five rhythms dances in about 25 venues around the US and internationally.  My experience of the Houston Ecstatic Dance Evolution was quite a high note.  There is such a rich feeling of community in the dance space.  People connect deeply with themselves and each other. Newcomers are welcomed and included- there is an openness and joy that is obvious and contagious.  Thank you!

Rick Smith

Education Consultant, Conscious Teaching

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As a person who used to dance often but now suffers from multiple health issues, the healing energy and growing friendships has been a major blessing in my life.


Thank you, Sunshine for being a channel for this dance! I was still doing gratitude this morning for the experience of last night. This is one of the unexpected Blessings that I have discovered with my move to the Houston area. Blessings to you,


Amazing once again! What amazing energy and bliss we all generate when we drop in and Flow! Words can’t describe the joy it gives me to know we co-create such harmony and inspiration!


Its like going into the playroom and there are no toys, then the people become your toys.


9 Years Old

I had so much fun & laughter~ found myself rolling on the floor doing a water ballet of sorts. Bonnie put together a cool mix of Springtime music ~ stuff from what seemed to be the good ol days of my childhood, skipping & remembering eating clovers & dancing in the fields of my Grandma’s garden! The whale song was funny~ on each chorus all the dancers made these great & erie Whale sounds and then giggled at our innate animal instincts… By the end I was inspired to bake some apple pies!!! What a unique inspiration! Anything can happen here!


I just wanted to thank everyone at dance today for providing such a safe a loving place for me to breakthrough an emotional blockage and express myself. I love that no one ever asks what’s wrong but just holds me and loves me and accepts me. Because of dance evolution I’ve learned that anxiety attacks are not attacks at all but just how I let go of things in life. What I thought was out of control, unable to breathe moments was really just the release that turns to joy! Thank you for loving me!


I like it when you and a friend start dancing the same thing… and then other people start to join in. When you are having a lot of fun, you don’t realize what you’re doing because you’re having so much fun!


8 Years Old

Thank you, Sunshine for being a channel for this dance! I was still doing gratitude this morning for the experience of last night. This is one of the unexpected Blessings that I have discovered with my move to the Houston area. Blessings to you,


SunShine, Once again, the dance has exceeded all of my expectations. I had such amazing connections with so many people… Thank you for creating a space where so many people can come together, drop the mask, and welcome each other homeJ You truly are a ray of light! Love and Peace,


Today was my first Dance Evolution experience. I felt very heavy coming in, now I am leaving with the most beautiful feeling of lightness. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience I will always cherish in my heart. I will be back!


I’m always on an emotional roller coaster by the time we get through closing circle because of the amazing, authentic sharings, experiences and reflections that you all share that I am only able to utter my name as we close. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you all for sharing your Sunday mornings with me and allowing me to be a part of yours. This community makes me so happy and fills my need for connection and expression! I brought two friends with me today for the first time and I had no doubt they would fall in love with ecstatic dance too, and they did! Thank you for the great sense of community and the love we put back in ourselves, which transcends into the world. Peace and love.


I enjoyed the time with your tribe again yesterday. Dancing with everyone as a group and occasionally individually is a beautiful, transformational experience. I will be out of town next weekend but plan to attend as many dances as I can. Thanks to Cheryl and everyone else who made the dance flow so easily.


Dance Evolution inspires me every week! The music is so skillfully designed it helps me dive so deep and heal so amazingly!


…At first I was nervous and scared. Once the music started and I closed my eyes. My feet started bouncing. My spirit began to soar. It was though the real me shed her skin and broke loose. It was a great source of release. Love and kisses and all that junk,


Ecstatic Dance Evolution has enriched my life by increasing my self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm for life! I am now able to flow more in an easy breezy way!


I believe that DANCE helps us fortify these muscles. DANCE enables shifts, breakthroughs, and countless self-discoveries. DANCE helps us to tap into our personal power and reminds us how amazing we truly are. Let’s come together this Sunday to commemorate the mountains we have climbed this year, the challenges we have encountered, and the evolution we have all experienced in this wild ride called Ecstatic Dance Evolution!


As I watched people file in small groups, warm up, stretch, I listened to the music and let myself go. It was a continuation, we dipped into our collective unconscious, and I saw people just doing, and what they were doing, I also did. The waves were subtle but strong, and I saw patterns of energy emerge from the dance. I saw whirlpools, jets, stills, slow flows. And I can’t quite recall everything that happend that night, but it was something that made me feel so connected, so rooted, yet buoyant as well. I saw people so completely removed from themselves, it was pure emotion. I saw the evolution of thought, creating the soundtrack of their minds – that was something only to be channeled by goodness. I realize that every thing that I do is ritual performance. But isn’t that what it’s all about?

Dream Walker

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Like a Child, I Dance: Last night in the dance, a soft song pulls me toward the dancer near by. We share space, test the waters and mutually decide it is ok to share this dance. Hands gently rise and follow in circular tandem, slow motion is the flow. Watching with soft eyes, my hands follow hers into a beautiful scene of birds flying south. The nurturing love of a child’s best-friend, or gentle care of a mother… is what I feel. Letting go of these thoughts for the moment I allow my body to simply follow and embrace this sweetness. Moving together we express the innocence of purity and purpose of letting go. Experiencing the sweetness of this childlike companionship, I remember that I am still, that sweet little child. In several moments our gestures pause lending just enough time to mentally capture the exquisite beauty of this scene, and then, the next. Hands embracing hands in such delicate fashion… these are certainly “Kodak Moments” now residing forever in my collection of memories I know to be beautiful.


I am amazed at how much this Dance transforms me! Over the past 2 years I have been coming, I have felt so many supportive life changes happening because of this community. Dance Evolution helps me practice new ideas and incorporate more uplifting times in my life. I am so grateful for this community


Dance was an amazing morning! Ecstatic Dance Evolution takes me out of my suppressed social programing and lets me feel the full body pristine joy I had as a little kid! Im glowing now!


This was an EPIC Dance!!! How can they ALL be SO EPIC??? Amazing! What a gift! What a Journey! What amazing beautiful fabulous experiences! Bravo! thank you thank you thank you!


Dance Evolution was a Fantastic Creative Loving Caring Event. It exceeded its intention to awaken the individual & group consciousness towards evolutionary transformation & Self-Love and Caring!!!


Looking back on my journey so far as an ‘intuitive’ brings such joy to my heart. I’m reminded of how many beautiful people and animals I’ve met. some I’ve become lifelong friends with and others I’ve become acquaintances with. Regardless of what relationship we have, I want you all to know that each of you have impacted and affected my life in a very uniquely MAGICAL way…a way that will forever be irreplaceably in my heart. I’m reminded of how magical life really IS and how everything can change in the matter of a SECOND via a phone call, an email, a conversation, or random encounter. I am so thankful for all the magic and people who have brought me to where I am. Thank you all for co-creating with me. I could not have done it so gracefully without you.


Ecstatic Dance was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had; grounding, transforming, affording peace and extraordinarily beautiful expansive connections… Thank you for making it possible Sydney definitely helpful and meaningful for me. Each experience unique, always a once in a lifetime potentially expansive transforming experience at my souls level. You are beautiful, creative and full of love and Sunshine!


I love the booger out you people. I hope yall all know that. I knew that dance was about connecting my soul to my soles before, but a few months of bouncing around on the floor with you has finally opened my eyes to what we mean by evolution. Thank you all for connecting me.


In Dance Evolution, I have made new friends and supporters. Everyone here coexists!


Oh My God!! The people attracted to this Ecstatic Dance Evolution community are so awesome!


The space seemed vast at first, but as more bodies arrived and as simple stretching evolved into simple movements, and as smiles were generously passed around, my feelings of solitude were replaced with a sense of community. I reminded myself that here I was free to move in any manner that the spirit of the music invited me to. Free to rest, free to watch or just lie down on the floor and let the music enter the spine and move it. Free to engage or disengage with strangers, old friends, new acquaintances, giggling children. I felt so many emotions, evoked in turns by the range of musical selections. Staying open to discover new ways of movement, I watched with delight as ideas would spontaneously occur and then replicate and vary in a constant flow of visual and auditory information. After around a half hour, there was a pause in the music and the group formed a circle. The facilitating leader made some simple remarks orienting the group towards the process of ecstatic dance. Clearly this event was about having fun, but also about opening oneself to a new sort of group experience — that by creatively stretching the boundaries of acceptable types of bodily movement, we would be exploring our ability to connect with the others and relinquishing the power to control the environment with verbal manipulation, i.e. language. So the dance ensued—twirling, running, strutting, jumping, vocalization, beating on the floor, slow motion, stillness—I witnessed every form of motion one could imagine—and yet the experience itself defies description. Echoing something one of the children contributed during our time of reflection in the circle at the end, I would say: “It was cool how I didn’t have to think at all. I just listened to the music and my body just moved by itself. It was like being in a dream and being able to fly…