(Local in Houston & Online Via Zoom)



July 22nd, Aug 5th, Oct 21st


Module #1: July, 22 1-6pm (Sacred Space & Ritual)

Module #2: Aug 5th, 1-6pm (Circles & Community Unity)

Module #3: Oct 21st, 1-6pm (Leadership & 9 Energetic Functions)

Facilitators are the energetic template, physical space creators of each Dance, space holders for community experience, and the power behind each event! ?


Are you interested in creating and holding space to share your unique energy with your beloved community?


Are you interested in learning about what facilitators do and the inner workings of what makes a great facilitator?


If so, you are invited! 





~  this is your 1st training

~ you can participate in person or online

~ you missed a class last training

~ you are a returning student for refresher

~ you are a current Facilitator

~ you desire to train to train




This 3 part transformational powerhouse of information can prepare you as a core team leader for effective sacred service through Ecstatic Dance! We will dive into purpose and practice with heartfelt understanding of tools for practical applications, learning exactly how to craft an effective sacred space regardless of your personal spiritual orientation. You will learn to nurture yourself, your space, and your community towards transformational healing dance experiences each week that magnetize and alchemize your divine right tribe!

Topics include: Sacred Space and Ritual, Circles, Leadership, Community Unity, and 9 Energetic Functions.


~ MODULE #1: INTRODUCTION, SACRED SPACE AND RITUAL Learn practical and alchemical structures that create an energetically safe environment and a sense of reverence to bring your community to life. Develop expertise in your ability to create visceral resonance, perceptive sensitivity, and activate your intentional architecture.

~ MODULE #2: CIRCLES & COMMUNITY UNITY Learn to effectively guide inclusive, safe and sacred circles with peace, power and presence for group cohesion of your core team and dance community. Includes philosophy and distinctive structures for Opening Circle, Closing Circle, Facilitator Circle, and Community Circles.

~ MODULE #3: LEADERSHIP AND THE 9 ENERGETIC FUNCTIONS Develop imperative leadership skills to empower your personal command of the space and confidence that builds trust and stability with your group. Learn how to unify your community from interpersonal relationships to ecstatic group activation!


PRACTICUMS: After training classes, there will be a practice phase working with your Core Facilitator Teams to help acquaint you with the various preparation factors for ease and success. This includes participation in the weekly conference call – or your local facilitator meetings, planning your dance facilitation, creating an altar, learning to work the dance door, set up aspects, and practice speaking for opening circle until you feel confident and comfortable to lead the dances on your own!


CERTIFICATION: Becoming a certified EDE Facilitator has a learning curve, yet once you are certified you are eligible for a few cool things! You become eligible to join any one of our three dance membership programs (WWEE YOU or US) to host EDE in other locations OR to own an EDE of your own in your location. You become an EDE Ambassador! 🙂 So you can share the love with your world wherever you go! ?



EDE is a conscious dance modality and specific system of learning that empowers us to empower ourselves and others. Our Facilitators make facilitation look very easy and effortless, and that is due to the finesse we all gain through learning, practice, and experience.

Just for comparison, many of the many dance leadership/facilitator trainings I’ve taken in the past have cost over $1K each, plus travel and lodging. And, we all know – the actual “cost” of the training, is the time, love, and energy that you put into something that feeds you back.

This Training (Online Pilot #3 Discount) is $333.00 to help you easily participate, and help me prepare my next steps too.



Upon Registration and Payment, you will receive emails with our EDE Welcome Kit and Training Manuals for you to review before each of our training meetings.


This way, you will have time to review and get your questions ready before our time together online.


New Facilitator Trainees: Each module costs $111.00.
To pay now, click the button below and select the option for 1 Class $111.00, 2 Classes $222.00, or All 3 Classes $333.00.

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Returning Student – Refresher: 50% appreciated – send paypal to wwee@ecstaticdanceevolution.com

Current Facilitator Graduates: No fees


I’m excited to have your participation as EDE moves into its 14th
Evolution of Dancing Together Near and Far! !YAY! <3 


I’m excited to see how YOU will grow, and what you will do with the training, where you will take it, and how many peoples lives YOU Will Touch! ?


My true hope is that you will experience as much or more deep fulfillment, as I have, through producing Ecstatic Dance Evolution events and creating a space for our beloved communities to grow and blossom through for years to come!

My years of creating and holding this sacred space has given me lifetimes of satisfaction and joy, beyond my wildest dreams, and it is my goal and commitment to support each one of you through your creation process! This is my passion!


Let’s do this together! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



Q: Can I take this training even if I’m not sure I want to be a Facilitator?

A: Yes! The training is packed full of personal empowerment practices, concepts, and structures that can benefit your life and any event you host in many ways. The training also gives Dancers a deeper understanding of how EDE is actually created, what philosophies it’s based on, the history of what we do, the legacy we are creating, and what happens behind the scenes! It will definitely increase your appreciation and vision of our ecstatic dance evolution mission!


Q: How does the music work? Will I need to learn about creating playlists?

A: If you join one of our membership programs (WWEE or YOU) after your Facilitator Training, you will not need to worry about creating the music mixes. Membership provides you with ongoing theme based music mixes pre-curated by our Professional Ecstatic DJ Teams. In the future, once you get the Facilitation handled, if you are interested in learning our music curation methods, just talk to Samadhi. 🙂 Our music is a whole incredible life and training of its own!

EDE Facilitator Training contains a lifetime of wisdom from Samadhi’s experience of Dance Facilitation and Trainings from many conscious dance modalities, spiritual paths, healing realms, interpersonal relating, 25+ years of event production, community building, conflict resolution, and freeform ecstatic community immersion.


We are constantly in development of our program offerings and you may have a need we have not yet addressed. If so, please contact Samadhi to Co-Create Magic and let’s see what is possible!

Co-Create Magic with Samadhi Here: calendly.com/ede



In Loving Service,

Ma Samadhi Love