FACILITATOR TRAINING (is available to WWEE Members only at this time) Sacred Ecstatic Dance Leadership online course contains a lifetime of wisdom from Samadhi’s experience of facilitation and personal training in many conscious dance modalities, spiritual seeking, healing realms, interpersonal relating, 25+ years of event production, community building, conflict resolution, and freeform ecstatic community immersion. One time fee includes Business training, Facilitator training, and Opening your dance. $555.00 just you, or $777.00 you with two Facilitators on your team. (Additional Facilitators who join your team later pay $333.00 each for their online training)

Description of Facilitator Training:

This 3 part transformational powerhouse of information can prepare you and your core team leaders for effective sacred service through Ecstatic Dance! We will dive into purpose and practice with heartfelt understanding of tools for practical applications, learning exactly how to craft an effective sacred space regardless of your personal spiritual orientation. You will learn to nurture yourself, your space, and your community towards transformational healing dance experiences each week that magnetize and alchemize your divine right tribe! Topics include: Sacred Space/Ritual, Circles, and Leadership/Community Unity.

  • MODULE #1:

    INTRODUCTION, SACRED SPACE AND RITUAL Welcome, Introduction, Sacred Space, and Ritual. Learn practical and alchemical structures that create an energetically safe environment and a sense of reverence to bring your community to life. Develop expertise in your ability to create visceral resonance, perceptive sensitivity, and activate your intentional architecture.

  • MODULE #2:

    CIRCLES Learn to effectively guide inclusive, safe and sacred circles with peace, power and presence for group cohesion of your core team and dance community. Includes philosophy and distinctive structures for Opening Circle, Closing Circle, Facilitator Circle, and Community Circles.

  • MODULE #3:

    LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY UNITY Develop imperative leadership skills to empower your personal command of the space and confidence that builds trust and stability with your group. Learn how to unify your community from interpersonal relationships to ecstatic group activation!